buskerdog.com features the artwork of Gil Jawetz, including a collection of oil paintings of people and animals.

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If you'd like to commission a painting of a subject, whether it's a pet or a person, please email me.

In order to capture the personality and individuality of the subject I need a few photos of decent quality (digital photos are fine), preferably taken in natural light (Although flash photos will do.) I also need to know a little bit about the subject: What do they like? What kind of personality do they have? If possible I'd like to meet the subject and get to know them a little for myself. I like to work closely with the client to make sure that I capture the vibe and atmosphere that best suits the subject. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Please allow a month for the creation of the painting, from start to delivery. Rush jobs are possible, but the best paintings are done with a little extra planning and time.


"Gil captured our dog's personality perfectly. It's a real joy to have and it was the perfect gift for someone who loves their pet" - John

"I wanted a goofy and totally unique gift for my best friend. I commissioned a painting of him, and when I saw it I was blown away. My friend was stoked. It was definately the best present I have ever given someone. Having a one of a kind and original oil painting is something special, and Gil truly does a great job." - Taylor